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Originally Posted by KelseyH

As far as my diet, literally the only thing I eat that is prepackaged is the occasional bowl of popcorn. Most of the carbs that I consume are ones that come from grain I grind into flour and bake myself, so definitely nothing refined or high GI there.

DH and I both feel pretty comfortable skipping the glucose test, and figure if the doctor can really back up any concerns he has with us, we can do a nonchallenging/postprandial test. But I am at minimal risk for GD, have no family history that would put me at risk, etc.

I think we've decided to stick with the anatomy scan, Rhogam shots, and GBS test, and I will probably do the rest of the monitoring on my own until I'm much further along. We're getting a fetal doppler heart rate monitor and we already have a digital blood pressure monitor and I think we will be okay with that. Anything else anyone thinks we should have?
Your probably safe on the glucose test. . Lots of people don't realize how much sugar there is in everything. To each their own! I am coming from a different place than many moms because my 1st pregnancy was very high risk and required constant monitoring. While it did not stop the death of DD1s identical twin, my everyday biophysical profiles (a specific kind of ultrasound) did save DD1s life. So I like to err on the side of knowing.
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