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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Sept 17

amanda so sorry about your teeth but yay for italy!!! i can't wait to find out where we get to go next after japan. we're both so hoping for anywhere in europe because once you're there it's super easy to travel to all the countries.

i'm pretty sure i felt baby do a roll last night. it felt so weird. so far i've only felt the one really big kick at the u/s and then if i bend over pretty far sitting down i can feel him/her kick and jab. last night i was laying on my back in bed and it totally felt like a roll. kind of gave me butterflies! 13 weeks on thursday! come on second trimester!

i ran yesterday for the first time since pregnant. it felt great! it's been a few months so i took it a bit slow but ran my mile without stopping and then did a walking cool down. looking forward to doing this daily again until i'm too big.
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