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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
DD is hopefully going into her first dance class soon. Ballet starts at 4 here, so it'll be the mixed part.

I would not not not not allow her to dance suggestively to an innappropriate song. I wouldn't even feel bad about contacting the director and asking, in advance, if they had chosen their recital songs yet.

It's going to get harder. Everything is so suggestive now. I feel horrible for kids that they're inundated with it when they don't even understand it. What kind of adult thinks it's cute for kids to do those things? I don't get it.

I will be a stick in the mud. I can't help it.
I wonder the same thing!! I so badly wanted to comment on the video we were watching to the other moms but one had an older daughter (10) and the other one wasn't chatty. Sadly though I think it is the minority to be concerned about young kids and pop music and so many people find it cute. Look at those 2 girls on Ellen. I cannot stand that they are so popular and the dance instructor asked my daughter what kind of music she liked and said "radio music" which means to me lots of people let their young children listen to the radio? Her favorite music is a VBS cd! I am surprised she didn't respond with awesome God, LOL
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