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How do you do playdates?

We have a ton of friends that I love to get together with, but I avoid it like the plague! Every time someone comes over, even just to "stop by" for a quick visit, it turns into a 3-hour play date. I love chatting, and the company, and the kids playing but I need to do things - like my regular day-to-day rhythm, getting meals together, etc. I feel like it is rude to cook a full meal in front of someone without offering to feed them (and their 3 kids) which I simply cannot afford to do. I also like quiet time in the evening with my kids, and once my husband comes home I want (and the kids need) time with him. I have tried to do morning play dates, but then that screws up our morning rhythm and I feel pressured into feeding everyone lunch. I like visitors, but I also like quiet, and time with my kids, and routine. I tried today to plan for a friend to stop by for a quick visit early afternoon, after lunch, and we had to leave for soccer at 5. I was literally following them out the door, trying to get my kids ready to go (and my oldest to cooperate and get his soccer stuff on) while saying good-bye.

How do I politely kick people out of my house? I think our friends are starting to think I don't like them, because I keep declining get-togethers! I just can't take it! I don't want to say, "Yes come on over at x time but you have to leave at y time" because I think that sounds rude. But seriously, I need some advice!
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