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Re: How do you do playdates?

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I would schedule a day and time a week (or however often) for the playdate. That way you can incorporate that into your schedule. If you don't want to make lunch I would do it after lunch or ask for everyone to bring something.

My play group is every Friday in the afternoon. We do have lunch but everyone chips in. In the summers we just do it at the park so no one has to clean up.
I tried that, but afternoon play dates turn in to "I have to make dinner but these people won't leave" and then my husband walks through the door to a trashed house full of kids, our own tired and cranky (and starving) kids, and a super stressed (but trying to hide it) wife, and he has to play nice until the company finally gets the clue and leaves. By that time, we're all in meltdown mode!
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