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Re: Trying to get baby to take bottle

I completely understand your frustration, but I have no valuable advice. MY DD wouldn't take a bottle either. She completely refused them from 2 months and on. We tried everything: Dad, caregiver, Aunt, and grandma. I tried warm milk, cold milk, and room temp milk. I spent a small fortune on different nipples and bottles. I had the best luck with Platex drop-in nursers, but she still didn't like them. I seriously thought I had a lipase issue. Taste your stored breastmilk to see if it's soapy tasting.

When I went back to work at 5 months, I thought she'd starve. In the end, what kinda worked was a soft spout sippy cup. She'd only take just an ounce or two to stave off dehydration. I ended up having to nurse her on my lunch break.

Best of luck!

If none of the bottles work for you, try a soft spout sippy cup or plastic shot glass, like the little plastic cups that come with cough syrup.
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