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Re: How do you do playdates?

Originally Posted by OHIOFIFI View Post
Politely ask them to leave? Say something along the lines of "I had such a great visit but I need to get the house in order and dinner started so we can have some family time together tonight when DH gets home. When would you like to get together next time?"
How can I set that up ahead of time, so I don't feel like I am springing it on them? The only thing I can think of is excuses of where we need to be when, so they know that they have to leave at a certain time, but getting the kids in the car and driving around the block doesn't seem super honest. I love your line, and will use it at the pre-determined departure time, but I need a a polite way to say, in arranging the play date, "you can come over from 3-5 but I need you to leave at 5 or I am going to rip my hair out and never want to get together again". ;-)

I do this when I go to other people's houses, too - I have a set time of when I have to leave... I can't tell you how many times I have set an alarm on my cell phone so that I can "get home for dinner - I have a roast in the oven!" just because I need MY time. Funny thing is, I am a super social person, but maybe that is what has caused this issue? My friends and I REALLY like to visit, maybe a little too much?
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