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Re: How do you do playdates?

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I would just not invite them over then, or if they come over unannounced to say that you're actually on your way out. I would instead go to a park or their house for now on and set a time limit, saying you'd like to chat and hang out but only for an hour or so because you have other errands to do.
That is exactly what we have been doing! I feel like we are constantly pushing people away. Today was literally our first play date in 2 months, the last one was at a park (I tried to make today's at a park too but my youngest fell asleep right before we were supposed to leave, so it turned into a "oh then I'll just stop by and drop it off really quickly then"). With cold weather coming and a new baby on the way, the park thing is limited.

I want to get together with friends, I just don't want to be so stressed about it!
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