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Re: Updated: MMAO! Huge Destash: lots of handknits, wcw interlock, Bella Rose

Originally Posted by littleleaf View Post
That WCW bird soaker is so cute! Can you tell me if there is any staining or pilling (or any other issues to note)? hard to tell if it's just weird shadows in the pic, or discoloration...
There's no staining but the weird discoloration is where the peach dye is fading in areas, not enough to notice per se, but when I went back and closely compared the cover to the photo after reading your question is when I realized it's faded slightly in those areas.

I don't think this sort of interlock pills...I shaved it to be on the safe side before photographing them but shaving didn't do anything to them...however, inside, along the leg seam, there's some soft fuzzies, which I would guess is the equivalent of pilling. I didn't shave the insides, but I certainly can. Do you want me to try to get some additional photos tomorrow? This was my very first WCW soaker so it was ultimately used more than any of the others and truthfully, you'd never know - this looks no older than the fawn soaker which was only used a few months compared to this one that was used well over a year.

I usually washed it in the washing machine which probably attributed to the fading on the peach dye. Please let me know if you have other questions or want me to snap some new photos.
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