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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Sept 17

Italy sounds like so much fun! And YUMMY

Amanda, sorry about your teeth That sounds uncomfortable, and stressful, and maybe expensive too?

April--Yeah for a girl!! I'm excited for you, and think its so cute that your hubby is so excited

Trace--sorry for the scare you had today! I can't imagine...well, actually I can, because it happened to me before with my youngest, and it was AWFUL!!

Anya--homemade apple pie sounds wonderful! i'm so jealous of those of you who went apple picking! I really miss living where you get to experience the fall season...

AFM: I have been feeling kind of down lately about things. Really it's an odd place to be because I am usually pretty happy-go-lucky. I'm worried about my ultrasound tomorrow...I have a feeling deep down that everything is going to be fine...but I just keep thinking about all of the worst case scenarios. PLUS, I find out for sure if we are having that will change my life in a major way if it is true. I just want everything to be normal...and really boring....with a cute little baby moving all over the screen I'm really hoping that I will be able to let it sink in that we are having a baby after tomorrow's appointment!
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