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Re: Halloween costumes?

We have had a snow storm on Halloween the last few years, so be prepared! (I am in Seward, not Anchorage). Find a costume that is a few sizes too big and have him wear warm clothes underneath.
DS was a Turtle the first year (3yo). We colored a pizza box for the shell and he wore a green jacket and brown snowpants and a brown hat.
At 4 he was a bear. We had a furry full body costume we found at the second hand store. It was perfect and warm.
Last year he wanted to be a skelaton. We got a costume that was a few sizes too big and layered him up underneath. It had a black hood and gloves so his hands were warm.
This year he wants to be a ghost. I think that will be easy to dress warmly underneath!
We see lots of kids here wearing jackets over costumes too!
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