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Re: BF for birth control??

Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine View Post
And just my opinion--- i believe there are a lot of things out there now that mess with our hormones: pthalates in personal care products, hormones in dairy products, etc. that contribute to the fact that pp af comes back for a lot of us sooner than you would think.
Thank you for solving the mystery! it seems nowadays women are infertile or hyperfertile with no middle ground. My mom spaced her kids 3 years apart and said it was b/c of breastfeeding. and I was so confused b/c myself and many of the moms I know are fertile right after baby with kids 18 months or fewer apart. but now I see that we have pesticides in our food which has hormones and everything is plastic now so we are exposed to bisphenol-a which is more hormones. we are really being bombarded with hormones. If you have any more words of wisdom on the subject please share!
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