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I'm not done with cloth diapers, but I've been over the hype for a long time. I got diaper fever for a very short time and then my practical side took over.

My friend had me help her get a ragababe the other day and it was insane to me. I ignore lunch with my kid do I can push refresh over and over and over to hopefully find 1 single diaper in the correct size - cant even be picky about pattern or color - and then spend $35 on a diaper? Really? A sized diaper at that. Insane.

I am totally willing to help her, of course. But I don't get it. It's a diaper. My child has been wearing $17 one size diapers for almost 2 yrs now. My other friend has a stash of $5 Alvas that her kid wears successfully.

I've never understood the hype. I think it's ridiculous. I love my cloth and I do it for the landfill aspect. But I'm far too practical for what some women have. I have like 30 diapers. Some people have easily over 100. Why???

I can't even visit cloth diaper forums anymore because the hype is too much. I want to say 'it collects pee and poop!!!'
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