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Originally Posted by VinhThiMom
I sold something on Craigslist and he showed up just a few minutes ago. It was a $60 cozy coupe that I listed for $10 so it'd go quick. He shows up and asks if I'd take $8. I said nope and he handed me a $10. I figured he wouldn't have driven out to my house if he wasn't willing to pay what I was asking.

As for on here, I'd just respond with the listed price. I only do discounts if it's been sitting for weeks, or they're getting multiple items.
I had a lady do this to me via CL once. I was selling a brand new Radian car seat because it didn't fit our car. I listed it for at least $100 off retail cause I wanted it to sell quickly. She shows up and says oh I only have xx amount on me, I think it was something like half of my asking price. I laughed at her.

I also think a question like this is quite rude on here. If I feel like the asking price for an item of my desire is more than I am comfortable with I move onto another listing. Pretty simple. I would hate for someone to feel that they had just been cheated. A fair price is a fair price. Why do people think they should get everything for free?
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