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Period charting question

**this can be moved to a more fitting section if there is one**

My last two cycles have been super light, like RIDICULOUSLY light. Like "I'm going to get an hcg blood test just to be sure" light. (not preggo ftr). I'm using an app to track my cycles now and am confused as to how to track now. I've gone from 7-10 days of heavy bleeding (first 3-5 days heavy, then several medium, one light and a couple days of spotting.

The last two have been 4 days of spotting (nothing on pad, bright red streaks when wiping) one day of wearing two pads over the course of the day, and then two days of spotting.

It's most likely a medication I'm taking.

My question is;

How do I define "light" now? Should my first day of spotting count as the first day of my period? Or the day of actual bleeding?

*so confused*

And 1000% not pregnant. Blood test was negative.
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