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Re: IVF abroad..questions for those of you have btdt!

I don't know how to multi quote so:

TryinginDC--we decided against going abroad and found a clinic here that was reasonably priced and had an embryo donation program. I am happy to say that we had our FET on Sept 13, and am now not so patiently waiting for the big test day to see if it was a success or not.

lalakiwi7--yes, it was very much a financial issue. We live in a pretty rural area where the idea of embryo donation is somewhat foreign. My hospital does not do IVF, therefore it was going to involve changing clinics and paying for EVERYTHING out of pocket.

We chose to do embryo donation like I said because my ovaries are not very cooperative at all, the fertility meds don't/havent made a big difference in the past and very seldom have I actually ovulated on them. My other thought on that is that this would be the one time my ovaries stimulated and we would have way more embryos than we could use (one of those little jokes my body would play on me). Knowing that there are embryos out there waiting to grow made my decision easier.

Now, here is hoping that the the transfer on the 13th was a success and we may be able to pass on the 2 embryos we have left to another family that has had the same struggles we have!
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