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Re: Talk to Me About ODD

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
I have an almost 7yo with PDD NOS and ODD. I haven't decided if he does have ODD or if he is just stubborn and exaggerated by his ASD. It is rough though. He is so argumentative and hurtful with his words when he is mad. It's a constant cycle and I have to force myself to walk away any not rear other than moving him to his room or he escalates.
That is how my son is. He will keep going and going and saying mean things. Well, as mean as a 3 yr old can say. He is so persistant and does not let up. It is very frustrating.

My other son has PDD NOS and he presererates too, but not agressively. He gets upset or asks over and over in a calm way. Almost like OCD. It tends to be obsessive. He will have a tantrum or two here and there, but nothing like his younger brother.
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