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Re: Sleep Issues

I have just a couple suggestions/thoughts. First is, have you tried the dreaded swing? if your lo isn't too big for one, you might try that. Mine would sleep well for naps in his swing (though I think he had outgrown it by 10 mo).

Also, if he's not too big, swaddling might help him. I loved the miracle swaddler. I know some will think 10mo is too old, but some need it longer.

Try just easing him onto the bed or his crib. If you are nursing him down, try side-by-side nursing on the bed then detaching him and quietly slipping away after he is asleep. Use a big, firm stuffed animal or pillow to be your "placeholder" to simulate you still being there. When rocking him down, try easing him onto his crib or bed on his tummy (he's old enough now) and then continue to pat his bottom for a few minutes after the transition. You can also simulate rocking by gently jiggling him back and forth with your hands in a rocking motion once he's in the bed on his tummy.

Finally, mama, this too shall pass. And, you'll forget how hard it was. And it will pass faster than you think.
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