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Re: Talk to Me About ODD

My 10 year old was originally diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, though I never really agreed with the ODD diagnosis. His diagnosis is now Aspergers, ADHD, and anxiety. He is explosive, but there is always a reason for the explosion. He also had sensory issues when he was younger, though the ADHD meds have helped that quite a bit, and as he's gotten older he's learned how to deal with his sensory issues better as well.

Anyway, it's my understanding that ODD is rarely a standalone diagnosis, it always comes with something else. Until you get the underlying issue taken care of (what our original doctor thought was ADHD), the ODD is going to be out of control. Once the ADHD was better, we could work on the ODD. Does that make sense? Though, like I said, I never agreed with the ODD diagnosis in our case. He's not oppositional defiant, hes got quirks.

like the PP he can be nasty with his words, and I've got to make sure I do not argue back, because he always has to have the last word, and always escalates. I just send him to his room - first time is "until you calm down" the second time is until I say when. But the point is usually not punishment so much as to give him a space to calm his body and mind down.
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