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Re: Aspergers?

Originally Posted by reneaumommy View Post
I'm fairly certain my soon to be 5 year old son has Aspergers. My mother agrees. My husband is unsure. I mentioned it to a close friend who has a son the same age. She said she didn't think he had it. Then she went home and read up on the symptoms and said she thinks he might. I have known something was different about him since he was 7 months old. I had him screened by EI at 2 1/2 and have sought help from the doctors in the past. I made an appointment with the Pediatrician for this Friday and I'm going to ask for a referral to the behavioral psychologist.

His main issues are his intense obsession with Lego Star Wars. It is the only thing he talks about.

He also has to be holding the tag in his clothing all day.

There a bunch of other stuff as well. He has colors he obsesses on (orange and green). He had a red car bed and for months refused to sleep in it because it was red. We finally got rid of it and gave him a plain twin bed on a frame and he was ok with that. He also will only certain foods. FOr example he used to eat vanilla ice cream. He tried chocolate and now will only eat chocolate. If there is only vanilla available he will go without. He refuses to eat treats such as fruit snacks if they are Dora ones. He will go without saying he only eats Star Wars ones.

He has so many "issues" but is extremely smart. He started speaking at 7 months. His vocabulary is off the charts. He is also very hyper.

Any advice on thing to ask the doctor?
Sounds JUST like my 4 yr old and he is PDD NOS. His is Angry Birds and it is even bad at school that he has to earn talking about it by not speaking about it till lunch time, then he gets 3 minutes. Then the same thing happens at the end of the day. He perserverates on colors, food, activities, and it makes feeding him especially hard.

Rory is as sharp as a whip too, but holds himself back with the obessions. Mostly it effects his relationships, even though he is a chatter box and out going. I can say that he did not crawl and did not talk till over 2 yrs old.
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