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Originally Posted by Addicted2Chocolate

I had a lady do this to me via CL once. I was selling a brand new Radian car seat because it didn't fit our car. I listed it for at least $100 off retail cause I wanted it to sell quickly. She shows up and says oh I only have xx amount on me, I think it was something like half of my asking price. I laughed at her.

I also think a question like this is quite rude on here. If I feel like the asking price for an item of my desire is more than I am comfortable with I move onto another listing. Pretty simple. I would hate for someone to feel that they had just been cheated. A fair price is a fair price. Why do people think they should get everything for free?
Idk I'll make an offer and if it's not worth it to seller than they can just say so.. I mean, fair to U and fair to ME are very subjective. I worked retail for new and used items for a long time. I worked whole sale, marketing for product conception. With that experience I have learned that the buyers often set the price. so it's best to not be irritated, to just say price is firm on CL (no offers please!) and maybe include that on DS too.
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