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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
While I do know that my brother has a drinking problem, I havent spent enough time around him (or anyone with an addiction) to know the signs that they're high. Would anyone be open to sharing what signs you see? Is it an altered personality? Just a "feeling" you get? Just curious.
It's entirely dependent on the person and their choice of substance.

Ex, for example, when he drinks reacts to different alcohol in different ways. If he drinks whiskey, he's a sad sack. He cries and gets depressed. Tequila makes him try to fight everything that moves. Vodka makes him a philosopher and eventually want to screw everything that moves. But no matter what the booze choice, if he gets fall down drunk, he gets violent. I only had to see that once and refused to ever see it again. And he is not the abusive type physically when sober. It was shocking.

With drugs, again it depends on the drug. When he smokes weed, he's pretty stereotypical. He gets the munchies, listens to music, and dozes a lot. He's not a giggler, but he's the "Let's contemplate the meaning of string," type. Synthetic weed makes him psychotic. I don't know why. He gets ultra paranoid, not regular weed paranoid. He believes things are happening that aren't, things are there that aren't, he goes on tangents and is crazy. Coke makes him angry and have the invincible complex. Pills make him slightly off. Just enough that what he says or does, and how he says or does it makes me go, "...what are you on?" I've seen him enough sober and not to know. I know him like he's a part of myself, and I can /feel/ when something is off.

He would also choose drugs and booze over his children or what they need any day of the week. That alone shows his priorities and ability to make good decisions regarding their well being.

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