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Re: Letting addicts around your kids

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
While I do know that my brother has a drinking problem, I havent spent enough time around him (or anyone with an addiction) to know the signs that they're high. Would anyone be open to sharing what signs you see? Is it an altered personality? Just a "feeling" you get? Just curious.
Like others have said it really depends on what they're on and their personality, how they handle themselves while on it.

My family member does cocaine/crack/heroine. When he's using he is very talkative, jittery, fidgitey, can't sit in one spot too long, and so on. He also has mental health issues but does not medicate for them (he medicates for OCD and ADD, but he abuses those medications). He may start to talk to himself or become a totally different person (that is the affect of non-medicated mental health issues).
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