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Re: How would you have reacted?

Originally Posted by EuphoricDysphoria View Post
I would simple say, DON'T touch my son in a very firm voice. I don't even care, flame me all you want I would never stand for that! Ever!
I've been reading this thread trying to think of times this has happened with our kids - thankfully it hasn't been too often. But when I read this I was like "Yes!". I can't remember exact details, but I do remember being somewhere with a little girl acting similar to this, her parents did nothing to stop her at all... so I asked her once, nicely, to stop touching my child. It happened again and I said much more firmly "do NOT touch him again."
I do think she went to her parent after that, I know she left my kids alone anyways, but even if she did go to her parent and was upset I just don't care. Picking on other kids is not acceptable, and I'll stand up for my kids if they can't.

FTR, this would have been Levi being touched/pushed. The older kids would all have been able to handle themselves, though likely by yelling at her to stop touching them (fine, too, IMO!), but Levi was too little to be able to speak for himself.
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