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Re: Letting addicts around your kids

I have a brother that is a total F* up! He's not allowed on my street!
My other brother drinks too much, but I've made it clear that no alcohol is allowed in my house, and if I can smell beer on him, he's not allowed at my house! He's been very respectful of this!
Gambling addicts don't bother me, they just wouldn't be allowed to wonder arond my house!
Drug users wouldn't be allowed to be around us if they are currently using! No matter how close I'm am to you, you never know how much they took that day, or if they would just OD in the house and you'll have to explain why paramedics are in your house taking cousin Vikky away. KWIM? That just wouldn't fly in my house.
But some things you can't avoid, like family gatherings!

It's all about what YOU and DH feel comfortable with. Depending on the age of the kids too. If your not comfortable with your kids doing it, then don't allow someone doing it, around your kids!
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