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Re: Paleo & Primal Chat August/September

Wished I had seen this earlier! I started eating more primal right before pregnancy and am always trying to get closer to 80/20. My 13m DS is actually a meat lover, though unfortunately daycare got him to like cheerios! He just started the lunch plan and I have been feeling sad about all the carbs that he will be getting. Their meal plan is pretty good with the veggies and fruit but low on the protein and fats. Plenty of dairy. The worst part is the cereal for snacks between meals. They are willing to let me sub out some of the foods, so I need to come up with a plan for bringing in some replacement foods.

I already keep small containers of cooked chicken/beef/pork that I can send but I need more suggestion for things that can keep longer that can replace the cereal at snack time. So far this is what I have:

sliced olives
fudge bars (made from coconut, butter, fish oil and choc chips, they are just barely sweet)
rice cake soaked in coconut oil (this is the crunchy rice cracker kind? Not really paleo but it is to get the coconut oil in him and he'll eat less total cereal)
freeze dried veggies from Just tomatoes (he loves crunchy stuff)

Have not tried jerky, please recommend what and where to get? He has 8 front teeth but actually not that good at chewing yet. Those teeth are great at tearing meat though! Here he is going at a lamb chop.

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