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Re: Water birth tips

Well my plans have changed a bit since I originally posted. During my routine checkup last week with my doctor, I started asking her some more detailed questions about how exactly the birth scenario would go. She then tells me that she doesn't actually do water BIRTHS. I can labor in the water as long as I want but when it comes time for the birth, I have to get out and deliver on the table. I'm extremely disappointed as I have made it known from my first appointment that my goal was a water birth. I'm even driving over an hour to see this doctor for the sole reason that the hospital had a birthing tub and I wanted to do a water birth. There are hospitals in the town I live in that I could have gone to but they don't have birthing tubs, so I chose to go out of my way. I still plan to see it through as I know that laboring in the tub will be better than no tub at all but I am still very disappointed.
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