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We live in the Midwest, with four distinct seasons.

Each of our kids has:
-one pair casual shoes
-one pair casual sandals/crocs
-one pair dressy church shoes
-one pair dressy sandals
-one pair waterproof thinsulate boots (so they double as rain boots and snow boots).

They can only wear the casual sandals or boots outside to play. These are also for dirty work--we do not save the worn out shoes for that.

Their casual shoes are reserved for school or going out somewhere, dressy shoes and dressy sandals reserved for dressy occasions only.

If something gets muddy or wet, it can always be substituted for something else. For example, DS1 wore his casual tennis shoes in the mud yesterday, so he went to school in casual sandals (crocs) with thick socks. He also could have worn his boots or church shoes. Not my first choice, but it works for today while I get the others washed. I don't buy multiples of the same thing "just in case".

I have learned if I buy pricier shoes like nike, adidas, strite rite, etc, they will last practically forever, enough for 2-3 children to wear for a year or more. The shoes under $30 will get worn out before they get outgrown.

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