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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
While I do know that my brother has a drinking problem, I havent spent enough time around him (or anyone with an addiction) to know the signs that they're high. Would anyone be open to sharing what signs you see? Is it an altered personality? Just a "feeling" you get? Just curious.
Like everyone else said, it depends on the addict and the substance. With MIL, who's mostly a pill head, she slooooows way down. Speech, motion, thought, even her blinks are slow. She slurs, everything. And the dumbest part is she thinks we don't notice. The last time she was that way around us she must've taken it right before she got to our house. Because slow motion kicked in and I thought her face was gonna slide right off. She was that far gone, that fast. She barely put words together, but told my husband that she just had a headache. She asked to hold the baby, and my husband told her to leave.
She's mostly a downer pill taker, so that's all I have experience with.
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