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Re: What comprises "unnecessary"

Visiting in from the March mama group I am pretty hands off when it comes to pregnancy unless something odd or bad happens. Now that being said I am 28, healthy, very strict organic / healthy eater and no medical issues except a 28 degree twist in my spine. Here are the only tests I do that I feel are necessary,

- blood panel in early pregnancy and urine test. I feel that is important so they can check my iron levels to see if I need supplements (never have needed before but just in case) and to check to make sure I do not have a UTI which can complicate things.

- 20 week anatomy scan and gender reveal. I do not think this is needed but my husband does and I give in to make him comfortable. Plus the baby pic is fun.

- regular visit toward the end to make sure you are fine and the baby is head down. I would go the extra mile of turning the baby if he was not head down by 37 weeks.

-strep test. I have a history of getting strep throat so I do this test just to make sure.

Other then that I refuse all other tests and care except for monthly visits to my midwife. I think if you are healthy you can refuse most things but if something feels off you should seek help. Last week I randomly started bleeding for 30 min. then it stopped so we went in for a u/s to make sure everything was fine. That to me was necessary.
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