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Re: Letting addicts around your kids

I am actually going through this right now. Growing up i never knew my dad did drugs. When i got older i found out. I thought he was done with it. In the last few years i have begun to wonder if he was doing stuff again. 2 yrs ago this month he had part of his leg amputated so he has been in and out of hospitals. Back in July he was in the hospital getting a pic line to take antibotics. Well somewhere in his stay they did a urine test, came back positive for coke. He calls me saying he doesn't understand, have done it. Then goes on to say that it has been a month or two. That is where i stopped listening. He has had so many excuses to everyone else. Residue in the cup that the sample was in, to putting the coke on his tooth cause it was hurting. Lastly he told my dh that he put it on his stump. I have stopped contact with him cause i can not trust him. His behavior is what i would expect from my 20 yr old, not my 64 yr old dad. He also leaves his prescription drugs all over the house open. insulin pen laying around where my 3 yr old can get it. Somedays i feel guilty for not talking to him, but then again i have to think of my children. I have a 20, 12 and 3.

Jennifer mom of Breanna 20, Noah 12 and MAson 3
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