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Re: Birthday Party Favors

I don't love little "goody bags." Around here, the norm seems more to get a single, small item for each child. The last party we went to gave out mini sketch pads with packs of colored pencils. The one before that was a Star Wars party, where they gave out light sabers (that was awesome!). One we went to over the summer gave out blow up beach balls and a pair of sunglasses.

We've also been invited to book swap parties where, in lieu of a present, every guest brings a book and then each kid takes one of the books on the way out.

One thing I REALLY hate is gender-specific favors. Dd often prefers the "boy" toy and hates feeling like she's left out of something just because she's a girl. Her favorite color is blue, and I remember her being incredibly sad at a birthday when she was around 3, because all the blue balloons were tied to the "boy" favors. She still talks about it, actually.
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