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Here's my review:

My oldest son had tons of skin issues like patches of eczema that would not go away. I always had him in cotton because I felt like fleece didn't breathe. Well, DS2 is having the same issues now that he's no longer nursing.

The other night I was showing DH how bad his legs were before bed. I slathered him in cetaphil cream and pulled these leggings on. In the morning, there was no redness at all. The spots were gone.

FYI. We use these over sposies because we don't use cloth at night. They help keep leaks in.

Pros: cute, affordable, comfy, and great for my DS's skin.
Cons: they are tight and hard to get on, especially on lotion-y skin.

Would I buy again? Yes! I have some ITW for my older DS.

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