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Hugs mama! This is my take, take what helps, leave the rest!
I am a huge advocate for working on marriage. I think people give in too easily sometimes and walk away. Marriage requires commitment, understanding and forgiveness. Counseling is an invaluable resource!!
However, with that being said, I believe it is worth fighting tooth and nail for when both parties are committed to it. I also believe that for marriage to work you need trust. Period. No one is perfect but marriage requires a commitment to each other. If you do not have trust and honesty, I don't know how you can make it work.
I would VERY strongly encourage you to attend counseling, not only for your kids but for yourself! I don't think you deserved this nor asked for it in anyway, but I think you need to address issues with why you would consider infidelity acceptable. It's not. You don't deserve a part-time partner. Hang in there, you have a beautiful life in store
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