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Re: Making our commute nicer for DS

Kids II Einstein Takealong Tunes

Finger plays
"Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Where is Thumbkin", and "Open Shut Them"

Etch-a Sketch

here are some other travel toys
When he is older and ff
I Spy
"The first person begins with the phrase, "I spy something that starts with the 'S' sound." The other players take turns guessing, and between each guess they get another sound clue, such as, "I see something that starts with the 'S' sound and is the color that starts with the 'R' sound." The game can also be played by looking for landmarks, signs and other common road finds.

The car game

two variations of the car game. The first one deals in color recognition. "Each child picks a color car. Who ever spies 10 cars first in their chosen color wins,"

For a slightly more challenging game, the family uses states. "Pick a state: Whoever finds the 5 plates from their chosen state first wins,"
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