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Newborn starter LOT! GMD Prefolds, covers, AIO,Fitted LOWERED!

Everything listed was bought used on here but we used 2 prefolds and 1 cover before realizing our baby was already to large for them because we didn't get to start CDing until later because of not being available to start with a family emergency that required us traveling out of state with a newborn and a 3 day trip turned into over 2 weeks with my mom and serious health issues (Cancer).

i have 3 dozen orange edge gmd prefolds bought LN They were cleaned in Lulu's CD detergent. They absorb pee really really well for the 2 that we used they just wont go around him very well so we bought the next size up to cover us longer. They are prepped, quilted and ready for use.

9 covers all xsm or nb sizes bought all on here used but in great shape or better with sticky velcro and no stains that I can find (again we never used them). I have:::::::

2 bummis whisper wraps NB, 1 White and 1 white with mint green dots
3 xsm thirsties Yellow, Orange, Blue
4 NB prowraps white with cord cut out (this is 1 cover we used)

1 fitted Thirsties one size nb diaper.

1 AIO fuzzibuns XSM bright blue color

Hoping to get 140.00 shipped OBO for the lot. It's more than enough to get you started. Please POST AND PM so I am sure to get them

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