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Re: Does this sound like ADHD or something similar?

Thanks for the input ladies!

I'm def. going to be wary of any diagnosis the doctor gives tomorrow, if he gives any. There's a huge possibility he'll see nothing from just observing DS. We'll be going to the appointment with a written list of our concerns.

In my gut, I don't feel he has ADHD. He's always been a spirited child. Maybe the discipline issues and some of the other things are how a spirited child deals with going through these toddler/preschooler years. I know he has had a very very hard time coping with DS2 being such a high needs baby/child. DS2 cries a LOT, has since around 3 months of age. We've been to the pediatrician several times & there seems to be nothing wrong with him...just "high needs" as she described it. We are taking DS2 to speech and hearing testing soon to rule out any sort of hearing issue that could cause his crying/whining. But back to DS1...he's had to not only live with hearing DS2 cry pretty much all the time [if it's frustrating an annoying for us, I'm sure it is for him] but we are slaves to DS2 as he screams to be held and is generally a clingy child. DS1 is starved for my attention in particular, since DS2 wants me much more often than he does DH. DS1 gets a lot of quality time with DH, but I struggle to even give him 15 minutes of uninterrupted mommy/son time to bond, play, do what he wants.

I feel like a horrible parent. I feel like I have failed them both. DS2 developed hemolytic anemia at a week old and needed a blood transfusion and was in an incubator and under bili lights for a week. We barely got to hold him during that time. I often fear that played a part in his severe attachment/crying issues. Then DS2 was left not getting enough of my attention and could possibly be acting out because of his need for his mama, his jealousy towards his brother....


I don't want there to be anything seriously wrong with my boy, but I also don't want this behavior to continue and I need ways to cope/start to remedy it but I don't even see how we can do that with DS2 still being so darn needy :/
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