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Cheapest place to buy math manipulatives?

If you read my previous post you know I've been struggling with Tharen and schooling. I have had to completely change how we do "school" but using manipulatives like unifix cubes, play money and tangrams seems to help. I found a cool book for teaching math with manipulatives but I'm going to need quite a few things I don't have. This stuff can get really $$$ and I don't want to over spend since we are changing courses already and the year has just begun. I have a teacher tools store near me and I love shopping there but I know stuff can be pricey there as well. There is a homeschooling shop in town that I have never been to so I have no idea what they may or may not have. If I drive 30 miles there is another teacher type store that I am sure would have what I need (plus some other cool stuff but probably not more than what the local teacher store has). Or would Amazon be the cheapest option?
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