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Please Pray for my niece UPDATE!! Beware, it's heavy and shocking.

I just received a phone call from my Mom that my niece's husband hung himself today, she just had a baby two weeks ago. My heart is just breaking for her and her little baby girl. She needs strength right now.

Apparently there is much much more to this story that no one in the family knew. She never told anyone about any of this.....

1 He was an ex-con for homicide (!!!!!!)
2 he has been in and out of psych wards
3 On 6 different meds including anti-psychotics
4 Heavy HEAVY alcoholic
5 He has attempted to take his life 2 other times before. Once with Acid(!!!!!!!) and one time slitting his wrists.

I'm thankful that she and the baby, made it out of this situation. It may be in bad taste to say she's better off, but....

There was a letter, but she never got to read it because it was a crime scene and she couldn't touch anything.
look out for an update.

I only met the guy once, and my husband and I thought he was a good guy. Boy are we surprised.

I feel like i'm on one of those investigation discovery shows.

She has a hard road ahead of her, she and baby still need prayers.
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