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Re: Aspergers?

My son nor my husband WANT to make eye contact, but have learned they are SUPPOSED to. As for the obsession, our therapist said it would be more prevalent the more anxiety they were under. If my son is secure and in his routine he's fine but change the schedule or put him in a social situation and Toy Story is all he'll talk about.

Both DH and Jonah can look really close to NT when in a comfortable, familiar STRUCTURED environment, take them out of that and you would think they were aliens.

A lot of the "quirks" associated with Asperger's are seated in anxiety. Take away the factor that is causing the anxiety, and a lot of the "quirks" disappear. Of course, not all of them, but a lot of them are this way. My son and DH's eating habits NEVER change. Jonah MUST take his sandwich/hamburger/ect apart and eat each component separately. He HAS tp have a loaded pizza then peel every topping off and eat just the cheese and crust. DH can't have any food touching and has to eat each serving separately.

The obsessive talking, rubbing of head (J) or hands (DH), fidgeting and ignorig anyone around him all come on with anxiety.

Did his teacher mention how he is with his peers? That was a big clue with Jonah. He was attentive (we homeschool so had to rely on his church class for info) not disruptive, well-behaved, ect, but that he always chose to sit alone, as far from other kids as possible and he wouldn't interact with his peers, and if forced to, he'd talk AT them and dominate the conversation with Toy Story.
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