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Re: Round Ligament Pains, SPD, or Just Normal Stretching?- UPDATE POST #11

Originally Posted by babyike2011 View Post
I could have written your post!!! I have the exact same pain and it's horrible. It doesn't feel like RL pain at all as I get that too. I thought SPD too, but I don't have all of the symptoms. As I sit here typing my whole right leg hurts and is tingly. Could be a pinched nerve but the pain starts on the right side of my groin Hope you (and I) get some relief before the end!!!
I have tried some of the things my midwife suggested (in particular daily baths, arnica orally, and resting when I feel I am overdoing it) and also the belly support band I got (it's amazing by the way without all the crazy buckles/velcro on the maternity support belts) and the combination is really helping. I no longer have constant pain and when I do get the discomfort/pain it is no where near as bad! to having an awesome midwife that visited right away to ease my mind and give me ideas on treatments. It's made all the difference already and I haven't even tried everything yet. Also, I have probably overdone it a bit and it doesn't seem to effect it too much I hope you find some relief to, feel free to ask me any questions about what I'm doing etc if you want to try some different things to help it out. Sorry you are having to deal with this too though mama
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