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Re: Pics added! The story of Bella Lynn's birth!

Originally Posted by momof3boys1girl View Post
she a doll 3 men and a little lady. Im so happy you got you a little girly that sooo adorable! What med is it if you dont mind me asking? Hope that gets all sorted out! We def once your up to it need to have a play date. All these boys need to get all the energy out!
Thank you. And I'm so blessed... she's a night time sleeper!!!

Meds: Labetalol (200mg 2x a day) for blood pressure. Been on that for about 3 weeks now I think?

The meds I was trying to get filled this time and having trouble was 600mg Ibuprofen (not a big deal since I can get Ibuprofin OTC and just take the equivalent of 600mg). The other one was Norco (Hydrocodone + Tylenol).

I hurt my back during labor.. pulled a muscle I think... and the Norco was the med that was really helping that. So I was SOOO relieved when I finally was able to get the prescription filled.

Fortunately I'm at the point now where I barely need it. An d it helps that I got to have a chiropractic appointment yesterday. Jenny (the chiropractor) hit that spot and said "Oh yeah, that's really tight," And was able to work it out. It's still sore but not unbearable. I didn't need a pill last night!

And I'd love to have a play date soon!!!! If we did it in the afternoon (after 1pm) that would be perfect. Maybe in a week or two.

God bless!
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