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Im there with you! 18 weeks on Monday and I dont look preggy at all! I did lose 25 lbs due to HG, but I would think that would make it easier to see! Nope. I can see it if I lay down flat on my back. Baby is busy and kicking so seems like everything is growing good, Im just tiny. And at only 5'1" I cant figure out where this kid is hiding, especially after 3 other kids! When I went to the ER for heart palpitations (that lasted for hours) they asked me my doctors name. I told them and the receptionist looks down her nose at me and says "Thats an OB, who's the regular doctor that sent you here?" I repeated myself and she goes "OH, are you pregnant?!?"

I guess the good news is I get to wear clothes I havent worn in a while?

Oh, the other night, DH goes "OH, theres a baby belly!"
Uh, sorry honey, I just arched my back and relaxed my stomach muscles for a sec. Thats not baby!
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