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Re: Going home outfit

Originally Posted by starbeam View Post
I think that, with all the cute pants, onesies, shirts, skirts, etc combos that are out there for tiny and even NB babies, the best, coziest and comfiest outfit for a baby of ANY age, but especially a NB is a sleeper with footies. No elastic pressing around their tummy, no edges or seams around their legs/crotch area, no elastic from the top of socks pinching around their ankles, and no drafts or chills from clothes riding up or having something uncovered. if i'd known THEN (before DS was born) what i know now, i wouldn't have bought any pants or shirts for the first year. maybe a FEW onesies, but not many...just to wear alone on really hot days. but mostly, i would've only bought t-shirt style rompers for hot days and a bunch of footie sleepers in cotton for normal and cool days, and in terry cloth and fleece for colder days!

i would definitely send baby home in a sleeper...they're the cutest outfit too...makes baby really look like a teeny, adorable baby!
I totally agree - except with little girls the temptation is too strong...
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