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Re: Aspergers?

Originally Posted by reneaumommy View Post
His teacher last year (same program and normally he would have the same teacher both years but last years teacher switched to Kindergarten this year) mentioned last spring that he would attempt conversations with the other kids throughout the day but would basically say the same thing over and over. She felt it was age appropriate though. He approaches kids everywhere we go he is very social but he always talks about Star Wars. He will say... "I'm Cullen. I'm 4. There is a really big Lego Star Wars ship I want. It comes with lots of guys and ..." then he will name off which ones and go on and on. He never asks their name and it is 90% of the time about Star Wars the whole time. My 3 year old will ask what their name or age is. He is much better with friends and socializing despite being 18 months younger.

I found a screening tool

I did it for Cullen. He got 20 (over 15 is possible ASD).
My mom suggested I do it for Sawyer. He got a 4.

I wanted to add: she suggested I do it for Sawyer to see what the result was in comparrison to Cullen's. We do no think Sawyer has any concerns and obviously the "screening" didn't either. lol
My 4 yr old got a 24 and my 3 yr old got a 13. My 4 yr old has PDD NOS with sensory integration disorder and my 3 yr old has Behavioral Disorder with sensory integration disorder. They are 15 months apart and both see a behavioral specialist.
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