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Re: getting a bit concerned, help me not be paranoid

I know where I am no hospital is going to take you with contractions more than 8-10 minutes apart. I am sure my midwife would not come earlier than that either. I understand how you feel though. My husband is 40 minutes away and our planned sitter may be 3 minutes away if she is at home or 40 minutes if she is at work. We are birthing at home though so I have no where to go and no choice but to wait for people to come to me.

You can try to do your own cervial check. It is really not too tough unless you are tall and or have short fingers. I am having lots more contractions with baby three than I did the other two. They hurt too! It could also be prodromal labor which is generally steady like labor but it is actually the body trying to turn the baby into a better position. Most women who have this end up with the baby coming at the regular time with a hand stuck to his/her little face. The contractions were trying to get the baby to disengage and get that hand down. It does not always work. One of my friends tried a lot of downward dog but he still came a month later (with contractions every day at 30 minute intervals) with his precious little hand next to his face.
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