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Re: If you had a hospital VBAC, what did they "make" you do at the hospital?

I have had two v-bacs and I have had to have epid's. The issue with us was that I am a very small person. Like I wear kids clothes and shoes and my husband is not. So the biggest baby I can birth is a 8lb. Both my v-bacs were also 39 week inductions. They don't let me go further because of size. So, I get everything. I like the monitoring because it is what saved my first's life. Now, both my v-back kids were stuck and they had to use suction to get them out. I pushed straight for 2.5 hours with the first he was my biggest at 7lb 5oz. I pushed for 1.5 with the second and he was 6lb 13oz. I am so greatful to have a Dr who works with me. Most would just say, you need another c-section and that would be the end of it. I think the most important thing is to have a Dr you love. Not that they are just ok, but that you love!!!

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