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Re: Going home outfit

Originally Posted by photocowgirl View Post
Here's dd's coming home outfit-to-be

that I made for her... sure hope it fits...

Excited to see others' pics!!!
That is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! I LOVE it!!! Please please please post pics of her in it

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
DD1 came home in a cute but pretty generic sleeper with a Christmas print.

DD2 and 3 both came home in the same colts skirty onsie.

Clearly that's not something I can put on a baby boy. So I am going to try to make him a Colts outfit, a little fleece set I think. Of course, his name is Colton, so it's going to look like that's why we named him that, but oh well.

That is of course if I have the time! Contrax 20 minutes apart since 8am. I might end up heading in later on today just to get checked.
Whoa! Keep us posted!!!
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