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Tell me about ssc's for newborns!

I am not interested in using a baby bjorn as I have read that the position is not good for small babies.

I was leaning towards an ergo with the infant insert but I keep reading reviews that the insert is too bulky for a newborn.

With my first I tried moby and baby k'tan and didn't like either. I think I didn't like the moby because I am short? Or I just don't have the patience to learn. And the k'tan I couldn't stand.

We have a boba that I like but that unfortunately won't work in the first several months.

So are there any other options? Anyone that has successfully used an ergo with the insert with a newborn with no problems with bulk?

To make things even more difficult, I would want whatever ssc we end up getting for the new one to be organic. So are there any other options?
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