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Re: added spaces for June and July edd...tester spots for newborn diapers

1. How much did the baby weigh when born? Do you feel the diaper was a good fit for your child? 8lb8oz We had trouble with the thickness of the insert on the AI2. The fitted was great and was used right away.
2. Was the umbilical cord snap placement in a comfortable spot for baby? Yes Did you find the snap on the soaker helpful? Yes for the fitted with the suedecloth liner, but we couldn't snap down the AI2 or it left too big a gap between the fleece outer and baby's tummy
3. Hook and Loop users/ Did you like the laundry pockets over laundry tabs? N/A I had snaps.
4. Was the diaper absorbent enough for your newbie? Yes for both!
5. Anything else you would like to share? I think the soaker was a bit too thick when folded down. I LOVED the suedecloth you used on the fitted though! I wish I could get more diapers with it!
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